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Do you have a problem or question relating to your studies at an Austrian higher education institution?
The new Austrian Student Ombudsman is ready to help! With expert advice, assistance and always in confidence.

You can contact the Student Ombudsman at any time
by e-mail:
by fax: +43 1  531 20-995544  or
by post: Austrian Student Ombudsman, Minoritenplatz 5, 1010 Vienna
(personal appointments can also be made by prior arrangement)

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The Austrian Student Ombudsman

  • investigates matters referred to him and in individual cases seeks to arbitrate vis-à-vis the relevant governing bodies and staff of the higher educational institution, or with other authorities. All matters are dealt with confidentially.
  • supports measures to address or identify shortcomings at higher education institutions
  • draws attention to problem areas in the higher education system
  • collaborates with other national ombudsmen, information and ombudsmen’s offices, interest groups and umbrella organisations within the higher education sector
  • advises all governing bodies and staff of the educational institution

Who for?

The Ombudsman services are available to

  • all Austrian and international students as well as their representative student bodies at universities, private universities, universities of applied sciences and teacher training institutes
  • anyone applying to or interested in courses of study at such institutions
  • all members of staff at such institutions
  • all former students at such institutions
  • anyone with an interest in higher education issues


  • Advice: Any student may contact the Student Ombudsman for information or advice on matters relating to courses, teaching, exams, services and administration at institutions of higher education
  • Assistance: In the case of problems in the above areas, the Student Ombudsman contacts those responsible at the institutions and attempts to find a solution
  • Acts as a Mediator: If a problem cannot be solved directly within the institution or if it concerns several institutions, the Student Ombudsman is available to act as a mediator

Which Issues?

  • admission requirements and enrolment procedures at institutions of higher education
  • general issues relating to university studies (available courses, choice of course)
  • student mobility within Austria and abroad
  • legal matters relating to university courses (laws, regulations and decrees governing institutions of higher education, examinations and examining bodies)
  • financial support for students (grants, scholarships for study in Austria and abroad)
  • tuition fees (billing, payment arrangements, exemptions)
  • conditions relating to courses of study
  • choice of course
  • changing courses
  • needs of students with disabilities and special needs
  • matters relating to student accommodation

What is not covered?

The Austrian Student Ombudsman cannot

  • amend existing regulations ad hoc (laws, regulations, decrees),
  • revoke official decisions,
  • intervene in legal proceedings,
  • represent you in court.

The Student Ombudsman has no authority to issue instructions. Contacting the Student Ombudsman in writing or in person does not interrupt or delay any time limits for lodging an appeal in legal proceedings.

We will do our utmost to offer advice and assistance, and in more difficult situations will act as a mediator.


Dr. Josef Leidenfrost
Austrian Student Ombudsman